Through My Camera Lens is a representation of some of my work. I love to spend a day in the city with my cameras. It rejuvenates my soul. I love black and white photography, and prefer to see the world around me sans color. I prefer to let my photography speak to the viewer in black and white and shades of grey, the audience interpreting each photo and its message as it connects with them. Colors saturate the world we live in today. It is loud, and it constantly competes for our attention. Often, this distract from the true message. Having said that, I have not totally abandoned color photography. I shoot Velvia 120 film with my Bronicas for the thrills of the color splash and the artistic bent in me and digital color photography for stock.

Time Out, March 2012, San Francisco

I draw my inspirations from events of everyday life. Big city like New York is my favorite place for photography, perhaps because it is such a melting pot of cultures, architecture and cuisines – A city that truly never sleeps. It reminds me of Asia where I grew up, where the simplest everyday chore puts one in touch with another person, often a stranger. There is a hello and goodbye, a smile, a gesture, an embrace between friends. Camera and lenses as my tools, I want to capture life as life should be lived, in everyday sort of way, and in so doing a window into the hearts.

Of the many photography legends, I most admire Dorothea Lange, for her ability to connect with her subject, often in unspoken words, and Andre Kertesz (love his Polaroid book). In addition, Edward Curtis (for his extensive photography on the American Indians), Tina Modotti (the activist photographer who learned her craft from Edward Weston and perfected it) and finally Lori Alvarez Bravo (the first woman photographer in Mexico). When Lola was asked how she managed to photograph painful subjects, she replied that she approached them “por el camino de la luz” – through the path of light. Well said indeed.

Postings on the blog are grouped by themes listed on the top of the blog. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoy capturing them. To see my color photography go to my other blog Musings of a Photographer

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